Second day of the course for public and private stakeholders: welcoming public

In training and education by aedeka

The second day of the course for public and private stakeholders of the Medici Villas and Gardens in Tuscany took place at the wonderful Villa La Petraia in Castello (Florence).

Guest of honor of this meeting, opened by the Director of Villa Medicea di Petraia and of the Garden of Villa di Castello Marco Mozzo, was Professor Giancarlo Dall’Ara. Leader in Italy in tourism marketing and president of the National Small Museums Association, Professor Dall’Ara proposed to the participants a non-traditional approach to welcoming the public as an effective and sustainable tool for the promotion and valorisation of their cultural site, developing themes ranging from the care of relationships and memory to the careful management of spaces and communication languages, and promoting tools such as the story, the “bookshop”, the attention to details, passion, gift and networks.

As usual, part of the meeting was dedicated to the guided tour of the Villa La Petraia, one of the villas belonging to the “Medici Villas and Gardens in Tuscany”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013.