AEDEKA brings in Tuscany the successful training course ELIMINARE IL CAOS IN CLASSE

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Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December 2018 – Courses for teachers recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research

A relaxed teacher performs his work better at school and is happier in his spare time! Often small group management techniques are sufficient to transform an unmanageable class into a group of motivated students who recognise the authority of the teacher.

The training event aims to offer teachers and educators new perspectives and teaching methods to improve the management and communication in the class, contributing to set up an environment in which everyone feels safe and free to learn.

The course is designed and led by prof. Mauro Sandrini, active for over twenty years in the world of corporate education, university and higher education at national and international level. Engineer and sociologist, he teaches mathematics in a technical institute. He always combines the passion for innovation with its practical applications. His publications appear on: Il Mulino, Sole 24 Ore, Liguori Editore, Franco Angeli, Homeless Book and Alkemia Books. Abroad his works appear on Springer and have been presented in various international contexts.

The course will take place on two separate and independent dates:

  • The first event will take place on Saturday 1 December from 2 to 6 pm at Talent Garden Pisa (Via Umberto Forti, 6, Montacchiello). Cost: 50 euros (it is possible to pay with a Teacher’s Card). Language: Italian. Download the event brochure here.
  • The second event will take place on Sunday 2 December from 2 to 6 pm in the training room at Multiverso (Via Campo d’Arrigo, 42 r, Florence). On this occasion the methods and techniques of ELIMINARE IL CAOS IN CLASSE will be combined with those of Mindfulness, thanks to the collaboration with Fiorinda Pedone, expert of Mindfulness for the Gaia project (Education program developed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies in collaboration with Unesco Club). Cost: 70 euros (it is possible to pay with a Teacher’s Card). Language: Italian. Download the event brochure here.

It is possible to register for only one or for both events and participants will receive a certificate issued by IRSEF, an institution accredited by MIUR for the organisation of training courses for teachers.

To register, please write to , call 0544-1680003 from 9 to 20 from Monday to Friday or fill out the form online.

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