EU Funds

Our team has a solid and longstanding experience in European Projects, having been involved in many initiatives since 2001. Based on our expertise, we offer a wide range of services:

  • Consultancy. Analysis of the specific needs of each client and definition of a personalised action plan. Selection of the most suitable EU programmes and calls where to apply.
  • Training. Empowering our clients to prepare proposals and manage EU funded projects, including specific financial and administrative procedures.
  • Proposals writing. Transforming ideas into projects. Coordination of the full proposal development and submission.
  • Networking. The success of a good project depends also on a good consortium. Our international network will ensure the selection of the right partners to get your project stronger.
  • Project management. We offer our expertise on technical coordination of EU funded projects to manage the daily work of the whole consortium and deliver on time high quality results.

Digital Culture

We created AEDEKA convinced that through valorisation projects we can improve cultural experiences, intended as sensory and emotional enjoyment occasions. Guided by this belief, our consultancy and cultural services cover three main areas:

  • Culture, creativity and new technologies. How can we creatively use the potential of new technologies in the cultural, touristic and educational sectors? Digital Humanities, eCulture services, digital preservation & collections management, virtual performances, etc.
  • Sensory pathways for museums. Are museums and exhibitions really adapted for families? At AEDEKA we develop projects seeking to create museum publics since childhood. Our initiatives and laboratories explore the importance of discovery, motivation and play.
  • Technological applications beyond rationality. While visiting museums, are we only seeking for information or are we expecting an unforgettable experience by activating the five senses? Our applications and services are designed to offer an aesthetic and multisensory experience.

Marketing & Communication

At AEDEKA we select the most appropriate strategies and actions to reach the market and your target audiences.

  • Marketing 3.0. We follow the principles of Marketing 3.0 proposed by P. Kotler, one of the world’s leading experts. Marketing 3.0 focuses on the customer as a human being in its entirety, with material, emotional and spiritual needs; a marketing capable of satisfying deeper needs for participation, creativity, community, and idealism. AEDEKA takes care of the market analysis, the marketing plans and campaigns.
  • Communication in the framework of European funded projects. Successful management of the communication, dissemination and networking activities represents a key element for the success of an European funded project. More than 15 years in this field allow us to offer a complete communication kit to our clients, including the design of the project's logo and visual identity, the development of the project's website and dissemination materials, the communication plan and campaigns, and the social media strategies.

Exhibitions & Events

Create an event concept, design all its details, produce and install all its elements…. and make it happen! Exhibitions, conferences, workshops, business events… tell us which are your needs and we will develop the right format for you. The creation of exhibitions and events has something magic that becomes real; and a part of us is always reflected on the space. Our creative team takes care of all the steps:

  • Conceptualisation. Based on the client initial hypotesis and ideas, we develop the whole event concept and its storytelling.
  • Design. Attention to all the details is a must when designing exhibitions and events. Our architects, museography experts and graphic designers will take care of all the different aspects to guarantee a high quality event.
  • Coordination. On time delivery is crucial when organising big public events. More than 10 years of experience coordinating the organisation of international conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other events makes our team the right partner for your project.
  • Production & Installation. Our clients have the tranquillity of turnkey projects: we find the right suppliers and coordinate the set-up and installation of all what it is needed to implement the project.
  • Live & running. AEDEKA’s team is always present to solve any last minute issue.

Our training courses.

Enhancement of the territory and its cultural heritage, digital collection management, access to EU funding opportunities, project management and much more...

Our Clients.

Prestigious Culture and Research Institutes all over Europe have engaged AEDEKA as consultant to support and realise their innovative projects.

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