Second part of the courses for operators of the world heritage sites in Tuscany

In training and education by aedeka

We arrived at the turning point with regard to training courses for public and private stakeholders of the Medici Villas and Gardens of Tuscany and of the other UNESCO-listed regional sites.

The intense week of courses began at Villa La Magia, with the last session dedicated to the Medici Villas and Gardens of Tuscany. The day, which focused on the future development of the site, was opened by a presentation by Manuele Buono and Claudio Prandoni on the funding opportunities for the support and strengthening of the network, and ended with a discussion on possible strategies for the improvement of the system, moderated by Mercè López. As usual, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Villa too.

The second part of the courses, dedicated to the operators of the world heritage sites of Tuscany, started today in Florence. Among the objectives of the training programme are the mutual knowledge and the exchange of good practices aimed at raising awareness on what it means to be a UNESCO world heritage site, what opportunities it offers, how to improve visitor reception and how to manage your site in the most effective way. The session was attended by the representatives of all the sites, Adele Cesi of the General Secretariat of the Italian Ministry of Culture- UNESCO Office, and Alessandro Tortelli, Director of the Center for Tourism Studies in Florence.