IDEA – The International Digital Epigraphy Association

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On 9 May 2016 a group of core partners of the EAGLE project, among which AEDEKA, founded IDEA – The International Digital Epigraphy Association in order to maintain, perpetuate and improve upon this ground breaking project.

IDEA represents the most fluid, lean, and efficient way to preserve EAGLE’s legacy and it will carry forward the work established by the EAGLE former partners.

The goal of the association is the promotion of the use of advanced methodologies in the research, study, enhancement, and publication of “written monuments”, beginning with those of antiquity, in order to increase knowledge of them at multiple levels of expertise, from that of specialists to that of the occasional tourist.

Furthermore, scope of the association is to expand and enlarge the results of EAGLE providing a sustainability model to ensure the long-term maintenance of the project results and to continue to cope with its original aims.

IDEA first General Assembly was held place in Pisa on 28 September 2016 together with a half day public event to present the Association to the wider audience. View here the programme of the event (in Italian).

The IDEA association has been established as a non-profit association with a democratic structure, political independence, and unlimited duration.

IDEA allows membership to both natural and legal persons, public or private bodies, companies, and associations.

Founded by the partners of the EAGLE project, the association aims to enlarge its network internationally and welcomes new members sharing its aims.

To join the IDEA Association, fill in this form and send the receipt of your payment to Anita Rocco (IDEA Secretariat,

For further information please contact Silvia Orlandi ( or Claudio Prandoni (