Why choose TMS Cataloguer?

✓ Web-based
✓ Intuitive Interface
✓ Customizable Layouts
✓ Easy Searching
✓ Role-based Views
✓ Powerful, Core Feature Set

TMS Cataloguer Core Modules.


Capture and manage all kinds of information about the objects in your collection.


Create records for the people and organizations related to your collection.


Plan, manage and document exhibitions, display programmes and rotations.


Manage outgoing and incoming loans, including all legal and financial aspects.


Manage the most common media file formats with a wide range of functionality.

TMS Cataloguer Features.

1 As close as your browser.

Web-based platform providing immediate access to all information, even if you are travelling or working remotely.

2 Digital asset friendly.

The Media Working List helps users collect and manage media files alongside their work, keeping them on task and organised.

3 Powerful reporting.

Create security-controlled dataviews, listviews and reports through the dynamic Crystal Reports reporting features.

4 Multilingual.

TMS Cataloguer is fully Unicode compliant and offers complete multilingual functionality, supporting 24 languages.

5 Object and media working list.

TMS Cataloguer’s customised Working Lists act as convenient visual clipboards to select, compare, download media, and create standard reports.

6 Flexible by design.

Organise displays and data entry screens to meet your tasks and workflows through a convenient dashboard of saved queries that insures task continuity.

7 Controlled security.

TMS Cataloguer's pre-defined and custom displays are easily configured in order to protect your data and create an efficient user experience.