Why choose TMS?

✓ World’s Leading Collection Management Software
✓ Flexible Forms and Views
✓ Digital Asset Management
✓ Integrated Thesaurus Manager
✓ Advanced Data Entry Tools
✓ Multilingual Support
✓ Seamless Data Import and Export

TMS Modules.


Capture and manage all kinds of information about the objects in your collection.


Wide range of DAM functionality and almost limitless range of media file formats.


Plan your exhibition, display programs and manage complex workflows.


Batch import bibliographic records from publically available Z39.50 servers.


Manage outgoing and incoming loans, including all legal and financial aspects.


Create records for the people and organizations related to your collection.


Manage an unlimited range of events such as lectures, openings, and previews.


Plan and manage shipments, create shipping plans, reports and receipts.


Manage relevant information about geographical locations and buildings.


Track and manage insurance policies, set up automatic policy renewal alerts.

TMS Features.

1 Easy integration.

TMS runs on industry standard DBMS - either SQL Server or Oracle - and is compatible with other enterprise systems.

2 Media management.

TMS can read and manage over 100 media formats; media records can be quickly created, indexed and searched.

3 Quick and easy searching.

Instantly and easily search through your entire collection and save complex searches to rerun.

4 Custom forms and views.

Create data entry forms and workflow-control fields tailored to your specific processes and requirements.

5 Exhibition planning and management.

Manage all aspects of your exhibitions and display, including loans, insurance, indemnity, and shipping.

6 Dynamic reporting and exporting.

TMS includes over 200 pre-configured reports which can be easily exported to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

7 Batch data import.

TMS includes an Object Importer that works with Excel spreadsheets or XML files for rapid data entry and batch import.

8 Standards compliance.

TMS is compliant with the main international standards, including SPECTRUM, CCO, CDWA, DACS, CHIN, LIDO, XMP.

9 Multilingual functionality.

TMS offers complete multilingual functionality (translation available in 24 languages) and is fully Unicode compliant.

10 Barcode manager.

TMS can generate barcodes for every object component, crate, and location to easily track movement and inventory.


From advanced application training to report writing workshops, we have the right option for you. Our trainers combine hands-on experience in museums with in-depth knowledge of Gallery Systems’ products and services.

System Administration

One-day course for the staff responsible for maintaining the database and application. It encompasses installation of the software, as well as security, configuration options, TMS administration and associated utilities.

TMS Core Users

Three-day course for intensive users of TMS. It covers all functions of TMS, including information management related aspects of configuration, such as the management of authorities. It will also provide advice on how to use TMS most effectively in your organization.

TMS Customized Training

This course focuses on specific processes or functions. For example, curators learn mainly about object related information and functionality, while exhibition organizers receive in-depth training on the Exhibitions module.

Crystal Reports and TMS

Two-day course to train users on how to use Crystal Reports in conjunction with the TMS data structure. Prior experience with TMS is recommended.

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