Why choose eMuseum?

✓ Fully integrated with TMS collection management software
✓ Flexible API
✓ Powerful Searching
✓ Fully Customizable
✓ Interactive
✓ Mobile Enabled
✓ Multiple Media Support

eMuseum Features.

1 Limitless possibilities.

eMuseum can be implemented as an intranet or as a public-facing website offering unlimited possibilities for displaying your content.

2 Collaborate.

eMuseum’s My Collection feature allows users to curate and share their online collections offering individual and multi-user editing functions.

3 Dynamic data.

eMuseum becomes the content management system for your site, eliminating the need for costly, repetitive data extraction.

4 Platform independent & extendible.

eMuseum’s streamlined Java-based architecture allows it to run in any environment taking any form and design you desire.

5 Multi-level security.

Create password-controlled levels of access to an intranet or website based on roles: curator, director, scholar, visitor, teacher, etc.

6 Multilingual flexibility.

eMuseum is fully Unicode compliant with support for multilingual publishing and searching; it offers complete localization options.

7 Essential admin control.

Easily configure display options and any other aspect of your website; built-in SEO optimization supports improved findability.

8 Powerful searching.

Search across every field in the eMuseum database using an intuitive Google-like search tool, or rely on the advanced multi-field search.

9 Engaging user experience.

eMuseum is compatible with a full range of devices and is extendible with social media integration and online tagging functionality.

10 Valuable insights.

Track key metrics, including collection-specific insights, that can reveal the impact of your collection and the interests of your visitors.

eMuseum Services.

Enhance your eMuseum presence with our selection of supportive services.


Whether you’re looking to configure reports, publish custom fields or extend eMuseum’s functionality to better suite your needs, our eMuseum team will work with you to help define goals and implement comprehensive solutions.

Look & Feel Customization

We can match the visual appearance and styling of your eMuseum site to your currently existing website as a 5-day customization, creating a seamless experience as your visitors navigate from your main site to your collections.

Advanced Web Design

Our in-house design team can provide custom, innovative web design solutions to ensure your online collection shines.

eMuseum Gallery.

Visit these eMuseum websites to see how our powerful software brings collections to the web.

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