Design and implementation of interventions to support the engagement of the community and operators on the world heritage site

The project, promoted by the Municipality of Pisa and financed by the Ministry of Culture with the L. 77/2006 (measures in favor of the UNESCO World Heritage sites) consists of a set of training activities aimed at the different categories of people who live the city (citizens, students, operators, etc.) and who have a role – direct or indirect – in the protection and promotion of the universal value of the site. The project includes differentiated tools and processes based on the targets. Some are capacity building interventions aimed at bridging training gaps on aspects of the management and use of the World Heritage Site (WHS), others are inspired by principles of individual and collective life learning and are aimed at increasing the community’s sense of belonging to the WHS, as well as the level of interaction of city users with the urban heritage. The objective is to enhance the world heritage site through the diffusion of its knowledge and the acquisition of greater awareness of its value.

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