Nurthuring #creativity, #curiosity and #innovation from an early age

La curiosità come regola is an experiential space for children from 0 to 6 years old, designed and realised by AEDEKA in the occasion of Internet Festival 2019 (Pisa, 10-13 October 2019).

Curiosity moves the world. It is at the origin of every innovation and is the engine that drives learning. In curiosity, there is the desire to know the rules that make things what they are and it is also the basis for inventing new ones that will bring new horizons we had never imagined before. Curiosity is innate in children and it is the basis of play, creativity and innovation. Here, the main rule is to respect their curiosity and creativity, simply creating environments and contexts where they can give their very best. The secret of great innovators like Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein and Jobs is always the same: the way in which the mind knows how to skip from one subject to the next, from one context to another, accompanied by an aptitude for exploration and for sharing of knowledge. Curiosity will lead children who use this space to play with concepts of the digital world and the web, starting from the Pac-Man maze.

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